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Evening penguins and devils, today i’m feeling generous so i’mma share my mplayer/vlc setting for smooth ts/tp playback in linux after hours of experimenting and hallucinating. Probably for those who dunhave the privilege to use vdpau output.

if you dunhave mplayer or vlc yet or feeling like upgrading the player u’ve installed from maverick repo, feel free to add these 2 ppa(s) to enjoice newer version of both player.
(i suppose non-ubuntu user know how to do this with their distro)
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ferramroberto/vlc
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ripps818/coreavc

and start
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install vlc mplayer / sudo apt-get upgrade

for VLC

  1. Go to Preferences(or hit Ctrl+P)
  2. Go to Video and set Output to XVideo output (XCB)
  3. Then set Deinterlacing=Auto/On and Mode=BoB/Linear
  4. Enjoice

if the playback still suck:
- try to check Deinterlacing & Deinterlacing Mode by right clicking the video and go to Video>Deinterlace/Deinterlace mode coz my VLC tend to not save the setting and set Deinterlace mode to Discard when the video is playing.
- try to toggle(On/Off)Use GPU acceleration' in Preferences>Input & Codecs.

for Mplayer (basic)

  1. Start terminal and type mplayer -fps 60 -vo xv -vf tfields=4 <>
  2. Enjoice

integrate into SMplayer

  1. Go to Preferences>Advanced>Options for Mplayer
  2. In Option field put ‘-fps 60
  3. In Video Filter field put ‘tfields=4
  4. Enjoice

- make sho u set video output to XV
- this could also apply to other mplayer frontend client like gnome mplayer, kmplayer, kplayer and anything yang sewaktu dengannya. probably


if you have anything to ask about vlc.
goto Topeka.

if you have anything to ask about mplayer
open terminal and start

  1. mplayer -vo help
  2. mplayer -ao help
  3. mplayer -vf help
  4. mplayer -af help
  5. mplayer -pphelp
  6. man mplayer | grep <insert.keywurd>

or Topeka.

if you have HUGE! mkv HD movie(>9000GB /movie) and want to play it with mplayer/smplayer, i suggest follow these tuts for future enjoicement.
- note : step 3 for Install patch into mplayer is not needed.

Last note : I’ve only tested these with C2D T6400 + X4500MHD laptop, so if this method not working for your setup, just Topeka. Any whining dan surat-menyurat tidak akan dilayan.

Copy-Pasta-Spaghetti from my post in LYN.


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